Our Lord Jesus Christ,
present with me now in his risen power,
enter into my body and spirit,
take from me all that harms and hinders me,
and fill me with his healing and his peace.


Most merciful God,
Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
I confess that I have sinned
in thought, word and deed.
I have not loved you with my whole heart.
I have not loved my neighbour as myself.
In your mercy
forgive what I have been,
help me to amend what I am,
and direct what I shall be;
that I may do justly,
love mercy,
and walk humbly with you, our God.




When we turned away from you in sin,
your anointed Son took our nature and entered our suffering
to bring your healing to those in weakness and distress.
He broke the power of evil and set us free from sin and death
that we might become partakers of his glory.

His apostles anointed the sick in your name,
bringing wholeness and joy to a broken world.
By your grace renewed each day
you continue the gifts of healing in your Church
that your people may praise your name for ever.
By the power of your Spirit may your blessing rest
on those who are anointed with this oil in your name;
may they be made whole in body, mind and spirit.

Hear the prayer we offer for all your people.
Remember in your mercy those for whom we pray:
heal the sick, raise the fallen, strengthen the fainthearted
and enfold in your love the fearful and those who have no hope.

In the fullness of time complete your gracious work.
Reconcile all things in Christ and make them new,
that we may be restored in your image, renewed in your love,
and serve you as sons and daughters in your kingdom.

Through your anointed Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord,
to whom with you and the Holy Spirit
we lift our voices of thanks and praise:

Blessed be God, our strength and our salvation,
now and for ever.  Amen.



May Christ bring me/you/us wholeness
of body, mind and spirit,
deliver me/you/us from every evil,
and give me/you/us his peace.               



O God of heavenly powers, by the might of your command you drive away from our bodies all sickness and all infirmity: Be present in your goodness with your servant N., that my/her weakness may be banished and my/her strength restored; and that, my/her health being renewed, I/she may bless your holy Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


God the Father, your will for all people is health and salvation.
We praise and bless you, Lord.

God the Son, you came that we might have life,
and might have it more abundantly.
We praise and bless you, Lord.

God the Holy Spirit, you make our bodies the temple of your presence.
We praise and bless you, Lord.

Holy Trinity, one God, in you we live and move and have our being.  
We praise and bless you, Lord.

Lord, grant your healing grace to all who are sick, injured or disabled,
that they may be made whole.
Hear us, Lord of life.

Grant to all who are lonely, anxious or depressed
a knowledge of your will and an awareness of your presence. 
Hear us, Lord of life.

Grant to all who minister to those who are suffering
wisdom and skill, sympathy and patience.
Hear us, Lord of life.

Mend broken relationships, and restore to those in distress
soundness of mind and serenity of spirit.
Hear us, Lord of life.

Sustain and support those who seek your guidance
and lift up all who are brought low by the trials of this life.
Hear us, Lord of life.

Grant to the dying peace and a holy death,
and uphold by the grace and consolation of your Holy Spirit those who are bereaved.
Hear us, Lord of life.

Restore to wholeness whatever is broken by human sin,
in our lives, in our nation, and in the world.
Hear us, Lord of life.

You are the Lord who does mighty wonders.
You have declared your power among the peoples.

With you, Lord, is the well of life    
and in your light do we see light.

Hear us, Lord of life:     
heal us, and make us whole.

(pause for silent prayer, then follow with)

O Lord our God, accept the fervent prayers of your people;
in the multitude of your mercies look with compassion upon us and all who turn to you for help;
for you are gracious, O lover of souls,
and to you we give glory, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
now and for ever.


Heavenly Father, giver of life and health: Comfort
and relieve your sick servants, and give your power
of healing to those who minister to their needs,
that those for whom our prayers are offered may be
strengthened in their weakness and have confidence
in your loving care; through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and forever.

-Book of Common Prayer



Thanksgiving for a Beginning of Recovery

O Lord, your compassions never fail and your mercies are new every morning: I/We give you thanks for giving me/our brother (sister) N. both relief from pain and hope of health renewed.  Continue in him, we pray, the good work you have begun; that I/he, daily increasing in bodily strength, and rejoicing in your goodness, may so order his life and conduct that I/he may always think and do those things that please you; through Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen.


Prayers for Protection

Almighty God, heavenly Father,
breathe your Holy Spirit into the heart of me, your servant
and inspire me with love for goodness and truth.
May I, fearing only you, have no other fear;
knowing your compassion, be ever mindful of your love;
and serving you faithfully unto death, live eternally with you;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.





Header Image: By Diliff – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,