A Prayer for M.E. by Yogivek Swami
Head Sadhu of the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Neasden, London

Our prayers are to the all-knowing, all-benevolent God Almighty:
May your loving providence watch over those who are afflicted by this pain –
so silent to us but all so loud for them –
reassuring them that you are always with them, within them.
May you indeed bless them with the forebearance to cope with their pain
and adapt to the lifestyle changes it requires.
Importantly, please grant us the patience and wisdom to understand the pain of sufferers, and allow us to be as caring and supportive to them as possible in their times of need.

Featured in the article ‘Say a Little Prayer’ – Interaction 72 the Action for M.E. magazine.


Rama (Healing Mantra)

Om Apadamapa Hataram Dataram Sarva Sampadam
Loka Bhi Ramam Sri Rama Bhuyo Bhuyo Namamyaham
(Recite 108 times in one sitting, for 40 days)


Healing Mantra for complex syndromes and multiple health conditions

Om van me baithi vanari anjani jayo hanumanta,
bala damaru vyahi bilai
aankh ko pida
chawrasi bai bali bali bhasma ho jaye
pake n fute
pita kare to gorakh jati raksha kare
guru ki shakti
meri bakti furo mantra vacha

(Recite 108 times in one sitting, for 40 days)


Hindu Morning Prayer

May all in this world be happy,
may they be healthy,
may they be comfortable
and never miserable.
May the rain come down in the proper time,
may the earth yield plenty of corn,
may the country be free from war,
may the Brahmans be secure.



Rasa Hum
I am Life’s Vitality

1745283_low lotus flowers



Powerful mantra for removing all obstacles, it brings peace and clarity,
removes enemies and releases fear from the heart.

Om Gan Ganapataye Namo Namah
Shree Siddhi Vinayak Namo Namah
Ashtavinayak Namo Namah
Ganapati Bappa Moraya
(recite 108 times in one sitting, for 40 days)



Universal Prayer

O Adorable Lord of Mercy and Love!
Salutations and prostrations unto Thee.
Thou art Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient.
Thou art Satchidananda (Existence-Consciousness-Bliss Absolute).
Thou art the Indweller of all beings.

Grant us an understanding heart,
Equal vision, balanced mind,
Faith, devotion and wisdom.
Grant us inner spiritual strength
To resist temptations and to control the mind.
Free us from egoism, lust, greed, hatred, anger and jealousy.
Fill our hearts with divine virtues.

Let us behold Thee in all these names and forms.
Let us serve Thee in all these names and forms.
Let us ever remember Thee.
Let us ever sing Thy glories.
Let Thy Name be ever on our lips.
Let us abide in Thee for ever and ever.

– Sri Swami Sivanand



A Prayer of Love

“My soul listen unto me!
Love thy Lord as the lotus loves water
Buffeted by waves its affection does not falter.
Creatures that have their being in water,
Taken out of water, die.

My soul if you have no such love
How will you obtain release?
If the Word of the wise is within us
We shall accumulate a store of devotion.

My soul listen onto me!
Love Your Lord as a fish loves water.
The more the water, the greater the joy,
Greater the tranquillity of its body and mind.
Without water it cannot live one watch of the day
Only God knows the anguish of its heart.

My soul listen onto me!
Love Your Lord as water loves milk.
It takes on the heat, boils and evaporates before the milk can suffer.
He alone unites, He alone separates
He alone bestows true greatness.

Without the wise, love cannot be born
The dross of the ego cannot be rinsed away.
He who recognizes God within
Understands the secret of the Word and is happy.
O soul! There is but one gate to the Lord’s mansion
And there is no other sanctuary.”