Prayers blessed with a rainbow…

In August 2007 event founder Suzanne prayed for guidance about her health. The answer given, was to organise a World Prayer and Meditation Day for the global M.E./C.F.S. and Fibromyalgia community and the event would be fondly known as the time2link. Emerging from the prayer and opening her eyes, the first thing she saw was a beautiful rainbow in the sky.

The inauguration of the World M.E & F.M Prayer & Meditation Day took place
on Monday 7 September 2007.

News of the time2link gradually began to travel throughout the UK, reaching support groups, charities, message boards and networking sites. Media coverage was kindly offered from major UK non-religious charities  Action for M.E. , The M.E. Association,  and Fibromyalgia Association UK

In 2008 news of the event began to reach numerous organisations and support groups worldwide. Media coverage from organisations in Australia and New Zealand, the USA, Canada and northern Europe, helped to make the World M.E & F.M Prayer & Meditation Day a truly international event.