Thank you God for my complete and total healing and health.
I  receive your love into my core and I am made new and whole.
God, I let you into my pain and your healing light absorbs it.
God I receive you in my mind and all conflict, judgment and guilt is transformed.
I am made new and whole.
Thank you God!
by Rev. Daniel Neusom, Founder and Spiritual Director of The Sacred Light Fellowship

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“Dear Father, in Jesus name, please show me who I need to forgive.”

“Dear Father, in Jesus name please show me all the things this person did that hurt me.”

“Dear Father, I forgive what they did to me. In Jesus name, please wash the wound away with the blood of Jesus and heal me. Thank-you for healing me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

“Dear Father, please show me anything or anyone else that I need to forgive.”

“Thank you. Amen.”



The Spiritual Path of Physical Healing

   The Spirit of God

Received through the channel of Rev.Daniel Neusom specifically for our participants and the global M.E. and Fibromyalgia community


Greetings My Beloved Ones, My Spirit within you is the original cause of your life. The thoughts feelings and beliefs of your human ego consciousness joined with My Spirit within you create the present life you experience on earth in your human form.

Your present life is an amalgamation of consciousness and energetic patterning from your past lives and the past of this life.

In order to heal you must open to a direct relationship with Me. I am your Highest Self. I am The Light of Creation itself known on earth as The Spirit of God.

I have created you for total joy and fulfillment. Suffering, struggle and lack are never My will for you. If you are presently experiencing pain, suffering, struggle or lack I want you to know they can be released, healed and transformed. My purpose in communicating through this channel is to teach a path and process of healing and transformation. If your body is ill the healing must take place first of all in your consciousness.

If you are experiencing physical pain you must also be experiencing mental, emotional pain and conflict.

There is a ray of Light that emanates from My Heart that is the healer of the soul. This ray of Light can heal all things. It is the part of Me that makes all things new, that gives new life. This part of Me is always available and accessible to you. You open to Me through your will and your mind. Through this channel I have given the very simple thought/prayer: “God, I let you in”

In order to heal you must receive Me on a daily basis through meditation and prayer. This prayer: “God I let you in” opens you to receiving My Healing Love which is Grace.

I have placed seven major energy centers in your physical body- (crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sexual creative and root).

Breathing in “God, I let you in” through each of these seven energy centers opens you to My Healing Love and I can then transform your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and patterning.

Emotional release is incredibly important for the healing of pain. Once you’ve opened to Me, allow yourself to express your pain into Me. Let yourself cry, yell, moan, shout, stomp, talk.

Do not hold the pain in, let it be released and expressed. This is an ongoing process for the soul has accumulated much pain over its various lifetimes. As you let your emotions release into Me, I am filling you with Light. This will cause an immediate feeling of release. This will immediately cause you to feel better and lighter.

You are unconditionally deserving of feeling good. You are unconditionally deserving of Pleasure Supreme.

In order to truly heal you must heal the pain you’ve accumulated in your life. As part of your process in meditation and prayer, express to Me what has hurt you most in your life. Express to Me what has angered and frustrated you most in your life. As you open up and express all of this into Me, you are literally letting Me into your pain, your accumulated pain and I am healing it with Grace. This is how you heal your soul and your body.

I work through medical science and I suggest in your healing process you approach Me with complete openness, knowing I will reach you in all of the ways available. If you can be served through medical science I will guide you to the people, resources and practitioners that are perfect for you.

As I have said, in order to heal you must receive Me daily.

I will give you now some teachings and prayers to use in your daily spiritual practice. “I was created by God for total joy and fulfillment” “God unconditionally wills my total joy and fulfillment.” “Thank you, God, for healing me now in every way and on every level.” These are prayers that I suggest you breathe into the seven major chakras of your body.

In meditation and prayer when you’ve opened to Me I manifest as a circulating energy moving through your being. I guide you each day to specifically release into Me whatever you are feeling, thinking, believing and experiencing that you are not enjoying and that isn’t feeling good to you. Express your release into Me with the understanding that you never have to hold or carry within you anything that you are not enjoying and that isn’t feeling good to you.

I love you beyond words. What I have given here is an outline for your healing process. This can only be filled in through your personal relationship with Me. I will guide you personally I am guiding you personally. You will feel My guidance in your Heart and your solar plexus. Blessed Be!


You can receive a free daily channeled teaching and process through the Daily Lift website.


“God, I let you in”




God of Seed and Harvest

We bless you,
God of Seed and Harvest
And we bless each other
That the beauty of this world
And the love that created it
Might be expressed though our lives
And be a blessing to others
Now and always

– Author Unknown


Beloved God, 
it is my intention to receive the Magnanimous Presence of faith,
right now.
And so it is.