A prayer for M.E.  by Rabbi Geoffrey Shisler,
Rabbi of the New West End Synagogue in Baywater, London

May He who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, Moses, Aaron, David and Solomon, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, bless all those suffering from M.E.
May the Holy One, blessed be He, be filled with mercy towards them, to restore them to health, strengthen them and sustain them.
May He speedily send them a full recovery from heaven to all their limbs and all their organs.
May He send them a recovery of the body as well as a recovery of the spirit, and may it come speedily and soon, and let us say Amen.

Featured in the article ‘Say a Little Prayer’ – Interaction 72 the Action for M.E. magazine.



The Mi Sheberakh

May the One who blessed our ancestors –
Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah,
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
bless and heal the one who is ill:
(insert name) 

May the Holy One, the fount of blessings,
shower abundant mercies upon her (him),
fulfilling her (his) dreams of healing,
strengthening her (him) with the power of life.

Merciful One:
restore her (him),
heal her (him),
strengthen her (him),
enliven her (him). 

Send her (him) a complete healing
from the heavenly realms,
a healing of body and soul,
together with all who are ill,
soon, speedily, without delay;
and let us say: