Bozena Zawisz; Author of Liberating Inner Eve – a reflective journey for women (9 min audio)

Today we are sharing an audio interview from the website of Bozena Zawisz, a featured poet in our Poetry Library. Bozena shares details about her book: ‘Liberating Inner Eve’, a reflective journey for women.

“The book addresses themes, expectations, and subconscious images that women have internalized around what it means to be a Christian woman. Many of these lie dormant within their subconscious and are seldom reviewed, yet can restrict their experience of self-confidence and agency.

Liberating Inner Eve is an uplifting and encouraging guide written by a Christian Counseling Psychologist with a 20 year experience. It invites readers to review their experiences and beliefs, and learn to conquer the most commonly found restrictions that prevent them from experiencing a deep sense of security and a connection with themselves.

Its chapters include: Eve-Inferior From the Start?; Blaming Eve; Who Am I Anyway?; Obedience; Silencing Eve; Staying Connected with Eve-Mindfulness; the Body of Eve; as well as many more.

Liberating Inner Eve combines author’s love of Christianity with her psychological insight and her understanding of the current social and historical pressures that impact on women, to support readers in nourishing an ever deeper experience of self-love and personal strength.”
Source: Youtube
Audio interview

Bozena’s website