White Eagle Lodge


The White Eagle Lodge Prayer of Dedication

May the light of Christ shining in my heart
stand guard over my thoughts and guide my
speech and actions into ways of service.
May the light of Chris shine from my heart
   To heal the sick in mind and body;
   To comfort the bereaved
   To sustain the weary.
May the light of Christ illumine my understanding
and the understanding of all men, bringing true
vision and awareness of the eternal life and of the
Christ within all mankind.


To the Great Architect

To the eternal God… silently, in our hearts, let us give thanks!
and may our praise be expressed in joyous living, and caring
with quietness of mind for the needs of every soul we encounter,
the needs not necessarily of the body, but of the soul.

White Eagle


The Beauty of Life

With stilled minds and open hearts, we stand in silence upon the
hilltop, with starlit skies above us, and hear the murmur of God’s
voice in the whispering trees… A deep hush comes, and we know
that God has blessed us. To him we give thanks for the love which
brings this beauty to our hearts, and offer ourselves in loving service.

White Eagle


Great White Spirit

Great White Spirit of the open spaces, the mountain tops and the
quiet peaceful valleys; Great White Spirit of nature and of the
heavens above the earth, and of the waters beneath. Great White
Spirit of eternity, infinity, we are enfolded within thy great heart.
We rest our heart upon thy heart. Great Father and Mother God,
we love, we worship thee; we resign all into thy loving keeping,
knowing that thou art love, and all moves forward into the light.

White Eagle

Prayers given in ‘Prayer, Mindfulness & Inner Change’ available from The White Eagle Lodge

With thanks to The White Eagle Lodge for the gift of prayers for our library